Eco-Bites videos

I have posted three sample videos from my television show ‘Eco-Bites’ broadcast by Islandtelevision on Mediacom’s channel 14 and Smarttel’s channel 4. Hit the word ‘video’ in the first line and you’ll bring it up one.If you don’t see all three videos go to and search for ‘ecobites’ and you’ll find all three of them.


A Gulf of changes

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about the changes that have taken place in the Gulf of Mexico since I started working as a marine biologist.When did I start? Longer ago than I’d like to think about but close enough to still remember. It was 1984 – nothing to do with a book of the same name. Though, at times it did seem like big brother was watching over my shoulder. Continue reading

Energy from wind is not a lot of hot air

The oceans of the world have provided us with many things that we’ve needed over the centuries. The food that they’ve provided has sustained us with protein, their surface has given us seemingly endless miles of watery freeway and now, as the liquid gold oil is running out, perhaps new ways of generating power.With the disturbing events in the Middle East and a massive blackout that affecting 50 million Americans, we are becoming more concerned about the long-term availability of oil to fuel our lifestyles and power plants – not to mention our SUV’s. Continue reading