Which path is the way?

Is fishing a right or a privilege?


Green: the environment or money?

Most of us do not think much about the meaning of colors but they are around us all the time. Like the red for stop or danger, yellow for caution and green for drive real fast before the light changes. For environmentalists green has an entirely different meaning. The color green has become generally accepted as the symbol of something that is safe or friendly to the environment. Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Dr. Skip Online.

Quite a few things will be changing on this website over the next few days. Please come back to visit us! You can catch Dr. Skip’s television show, ‘Eco-Bites’, on Island Television airing on Mediacom’s channel 14 and Smarttel channel 4.In this section I will be including, on a weekly or daily basis, clips from my columns and commentary on regional and global events related to our changing planet.