It’s sturgeon not surgeon

The sturgeon is one of the oldest bony fishes in existence. The fossil record shows that it has been around for 175 million years. It bones are made of primarily of cartilage similar to a shark’s. There are various species of sturgeon live in Europe, Asia and North America. Seven species of sturgeon have been reported in North America and two are found in on the west coast – green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris) and white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus). Continue reading


Energy: How nature uses it

Most of us think of energy as electricity from a plug or gasoline from our favorite station. These forms of energy run our tools, toys and keep our homes at a temperature that we like. For fish and all other living things, energy takes the form of food or direct conversion of sunlight. These forms of energy come from only one place and that’s the sun, directly or indirectly. Continue reading

Stress kills!

In our modern society we tend to be put under stressful conditions. The origin of that stress can come from many different sources – from one source at a time or several. It can be our jobs, family, the environment or many other things. These conditions can affect just one individual at a time or an entire population. In the end it really does not matter because as individuals or populations we all react much in the same way to stress. A key factor in that induces stress in populations is over crowding. Continue reading