Lets hear it for the little guy!

For those of us who were not on the football team and for whom the cheerleaders made an art form out of pretending that we did not exist, there is justice and payback – at least in biological world anyhow. In most mammals and birds it is the big, loud, tough or best-feathered male that get the girls. The North American elk is one good example of this traditional selection process. When fall rolls around it is the mating season and the mountains echo with the bellowing of bulls seeking to attract females. The males will fight each other and the stronger will drive the weaker off until only the strongest are left to take care of the available females. Darwinian thought sees this as a part of the natural selection process that allows only the ˜fittest” genes to be passed along to the next generation. Continue reading


After the warming

When you are right in the middle of something it is sometimes pretty hard to see where you are going – global warming is much the same. We have all been hearing about the polar ice caps melting, vanishing glaciers and the sea level rising, but what will it be like to live in this new world without ice? Continue reading