The New Age of Earth

Solving problems is something that we all do everyday. If we are clever there is a bag of tools that we reach for when problems come our way. We do not just take one tool and apply to all problems as ˜the” solution. We use the best tool for the job at hand.Global warming is the problem that will require a large toolbox. This box will need to be full of all different kinds of tools for use in dealing with problems that we have never heard about or even thought existed. Continue reading


Something old & new – global warming got diseases for you

With the publication of part two of four of the United Nation’s I.P.C.C. report on global warming it has been shown what will happen if we do not take steps to slow it down. One item mentioned in the report, that has more important implications for humanity than rising sea levels and increased global temperatures, is the spread of disease. As temperatures increase the winter frost and freeze cycle that we have unconsciously relied upon to kill off things like mosquito larvae, fungi, viruses and bacteria will be truncated or vanish altogether. Continue reading

There are things known and unknown – between – there are doors

The title of this column may sound a little strange but it’s appropriate to the changes we are all going to face in the coming years.As humans we seek a comfort zone in our lives that we rely on to provide us with the security we need to make a life for our families and ourselves. To do this we have depended on a stable and predictable climate. Continue reading

The new horse trading is carbon

Most of us grew up watching Saturday morning westerns like ˜The Lone Ranger”, ˜Poncho and Cisco” and ˜Roy Rogers”. These cowboys did not have much money but they always seemed to have horses to swap. When they wanted a new saddle or rifle a horse trader would come along and they would try to make best deal they could – silver for horseflesh. The new global currency looks like it is going to be carbon. Continue reading