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Paying it forward?

In the last few weeks I have been speaking to civic groups and writing about the probable consequences of global warming and as a result some people have been giving me their opinions on the topic.They seem to break down into four general categories, although with multiple variations and combinations.Some peole looked backward with a longing for the “Good Old Days” with the hope that they, somehow, can be recreated in their lifetimes or their children’s.Others see what is happening as something that they are going to fight to the end with their last breath. All the while trying to hold onto the way things are by running in place faster and faster. They seem to think that they can keep ahead of the footsteps of change – like a modern day “Leonidas at the bridge” – while giving up nothing.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LeonidasStill others see the changes that they are facing as something they have no control over and vaguely wonder what distant shore the future will wash them up on.The scariest comment has been ˜There is nothing I can do about it! I’ll let my kids deal with it”. It was as if they had decided that what they had done and were doing did not matter and if it did – too bad. Let somebody else handle it. I’ll be dead anyway, so what the heck.Thinking like this is not a good way to make a future for your children or the planet or much of anything else when it comes dealing with global warming. What we do today will echo down the decades, yes decades not centuries, into the future in a major way.Making alterations, modifications and redirections in how we live our lives is going to be needed. This must happen on multiple levels including globally, nationally, regionally, statewide and locally.If we wait until the eleventh hour to make the needed changes then our government entities will do it for us and most of us will not like what they do or how they do it.Making changes now will help us to avert some to the worst forecasted futures for our planet and ease the way into a new future without suddenly tearing us away from our old one.If you walk into the future looking at the past then you are dooomed to trip over the failures you have already made.

Think Global – Act Local!


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