The New Age of Earth: People

In this new age of Earth that I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks has something involved with it that a lot of us in the U.S. have a hard time dealing with – people. People in all their diversity including race, religion, education, money, shape and size will be closer to us that ever before. Continue reading


The New Age of Earth: Transportation

Put gas in the car, step on the go pedal and away we ride. It did not entail much more thought than that in the U.S. or Western Europe for decades. The decades of cheap oil and when ˜Global Warming” meant how hot your light bulbs got. Those days are over on both counts.We’ll have to spend some time figuring out new ways of moving our goods and ourselves around the country and planet. We’ve been learning about E85 gasoline, biodiesel and maybe hydrogen powered cars coming along in the near future. These fuels are old wine in new bottles with the same promise of transportation on tap – locomotion when you want it and how you want it. Continue reading

Our Population’s Biology: Where’s the Balance?

We hear the word balance used in many ways. We balance our checkbook, eat a balanced diet (at least some of us), balance work with family life and seek to balance our future against what we do in the present. Balance has a very different meaning when we look at how the other animals on the planet interact with their environment. Every species on the planet has evolved a balance with the environment that it lives in – except for humans. Continue reading

The New Age of Earth – Food

When people think about the cost of something they are usually thinking in monetary terms. When the cost of item goes up it is usually do to something like the increased cost of manufacture, shortages or rarity.There is new kind of cost that we have seldom thought about – if at all. It is carbon cost.Carbon cost is how much carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, is released into the atmosphere during the production, manufacture, transportation and use of a given product. Continue reading

The New Age of Earth: Taxes

It is all well and good to think about what is going to be done to address global warming but who is going to pay for it and how is it going to be done? Most of us do not even want to start thinking about taxes, especially new taxes. The taxman, in all his various incarnations, will find a way to levy us and help to pay for ways to deal with global warming. To name a few, we currently have taxes on gasoline, property and sales taxes on the host of thing we buy. There is the dreaded income tax, federal, state, county and city. Continue reading