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The New Age of Earth: Taxes

It is all well and good to think about what is going to be done to address global warming but who is going to pay for it and how is it going to be done? Most of us do not even want to start thinking about taxes, especially new taxes. The taxman, in all his various incarnations, will find a way to levy us and help to pay for ways to deal with global warming. To name a few, we currently have taxes on gasoline, property and sales taxes on the host of thing we buy. There is the dreaded income tax, federal, state, county and city.It has been proposed that we tax for excessive emission of C02 by factories and power plants. If you are using old oil burning low mileage vehicles they could be taxed as part of your registration or as an extra tax when you car’s emissions are checked every six months. So, if you have that 442 cubic inch, V8, dual quad carburetor road burner then you are going to pay for it. Your property taxes could be modified to include a heat or cooling add-on, which will be assessed if you home leaks heat in the winter or AC in the summer. Your traditional property tax would be reduced by the amount that the carbon tax added and there would be a reassessment every year to see if your energy use had decreased or increased.The money from these taxes could go toward things like low cost loans to individuals and businesses for reducing their energy use, education and recycling programs.It will not only be taxes, there will be tax rebates too. You have got to love these. If you remember back a few years ago there were federal tax credits given for installing passive solar arrays to heat household water. Credits were also given for installing solar cell panels and insulation with a higher R rating in your home. I was given a $500 federal tax credit for buying a diesel pickup truck in 1985. It is highly probable that we will see some these and others come back into the tax code in the near future.Some of the new tax breaks could include a reduction in fuel taxes for using bio-diesel or E85 gasoline in a company’s fleet of delivery trucks or on the farm. Things like putting in double pane windows on your homestead or a high efficiency AC unit will get you a tax credit.Basically, the more you save on energy the lower your taxes. Sounds like a whole new way of doing things. Only time will time if these any of these and others are put into use. Check out this web site for more information – http://www.carbontax.org.

Think Global – Act Local!


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