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The New Age of Earth: People

In this new age of Earth that I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks has something involved with it that a lot of us in the U.S. have a hard time dealing with – people. People in all their diversity including race, religion, education, money, shape and size will be closer to us that ever before.This proximity will not be based on the desire to be closer but rather upon necessity. With travel much more expensive than in past years we will find ourselves living closer to our places of work, shopping and closer to all the services that we need in our lives.Up until this time most of us tended to live in the isolation of sameness. We chose this way of living or it was chosen for us, either by what we could afford or what we were born into. Selecting our own comfort level of sameness is what we seem to like the best.With all this closeness that global environmental and economic forces will press upon us, it will require that individuals, societies and governments to find ways to interact with more successful consideration of our differences.As in the past we dealt with similar new paradigms in many ways. One way of handling it was and is by creating gated communities. There is a guard at a gate who checks to see that each individual seeking to gain entrance is either a property owner or a registered guest. If you want to buy into some of these communities you must meet various requirements like finances, age and size of family among others. How old is this idea? Think castle.Other way is co-dominions (condominiums). Owners either participate in or pay for common property maintenance and upkeep. Low fossil fuel use and a combination of high tech with hands on work will require more individual involvement in this situation. Less money more sweat. There is a book called the ˜Tragedy of the Commons” which goes into some of the problems associated with common property ownership.Many people will still want to have a house away from the city or out in the country. This life style will require even more individual input of labor and skills. Running into town to get that part you need or to take care of many of our other needs will take more fuel, time and carbon production.Local, state and national governments will be faced with similar choices. Centralization, consolidation and restructuring all will be used after some fashion to deal with global warming.How we deal with these changes and others will be just one more challenge that ˜The New Age of Earth” has to offer us. Know that: If we walk backwards into the future, we will trip over mistakes we have already made.

Think Global – Act Local!


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