Fisheries in Transition: The Shrimp Industry

Shrimping has been part of the rhythm life in the here on the Gulf Coast as long as anyone alive can remember. Whether you’re actually involved in the industry, eat them as a part of your diet or just have seen the boats working in Mobile Bay or leaving the passes to work in the Gulf, shrimping is part you. Continue reading

Fisheries in Transiton: Charterboat Fishing

The charterboat community has been a significant component of recreational fishery in the Gulf of Mexico for many decades. In Alabama it started with a few vessels fishing within in sight of shore and evolved to a fleet working miles offshore from Texas to Tampa. Continue reading

Requiem for a fishery

Gillnets have been the “monster under the bed” to recreational anglers for many years and as a consequence has become the default whipping boy for any group or individual with an axe to grind about how fishing regulations are affecting their sector of the fishing industry. Back in the old days when gillnets went virtually unregulated they did pose a threat to the resource from over-fishing. Continue reading

The Future of Our Seafood

If you’ve lived on the Gulf Coast for more than a few years or been coming here often you’ve seen both commercial and recreational fishing under go some significant changes. For various species and types of fishing there have been increases in length limits, decreases in number allowed, changes in gear types, area restrictions, seasonal closures, turtle and fish excluder devices and closed areas. Continue reading