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Our Changing Times: How we eat

This is the third in the series ‘Our Changing Times’. This is about how we’re starting to alter our way of living in response to global climate changes. Last time we talked about public road design and how it is changing to better accommodate increasing bicycle and foot traffic. There are many other changes that are taking places. Hungry?Looking at how we eat, most of us take the wide variety of food available in the supermarkets as normal. These products, whether they are fresh, frozen or canned are not produced locally. Most of them for that matter come from hundreds if not thousands of miles away.The fossil fuel cost of transporting all these products is increasing as the price of fuel goes up. Not to mention that the farther you move something more green house gases are produced.In response to these issues people have started to change the way they eat. Restaurants opening all over the country restaurants are only using locally produced food products. These include not only vegetables but cheeses, chicken and beef as well. We may think it’s something that only happens in the third world but it’s taking place all over our country.Local farmers are responding to this change by producing and selling more regional produce and gearing up to produce meat. This is taking place in all areas of the nation. There’s a book out called ‘The year of eating locally’. The book shares a solid year of experiences a woman and her family encountered by only eating food that was produced within 100 miles of their home. This may seem a bit extreme for most people’s way of thinking but it’ll be coming main stream as global warming heats up and the price of fuel increases.If you need more reasons to eat locally, check out this web site where you’ll find some interesting links, http://fogcity.blogs.com/jen/2005/08/10_reasons_to_e.html. Ok, I’ll give you another reason – ‘It tastes better’.



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