Compact flourencent lightbulbs: Last long and help save the Earth

With the recent surge in compact fluorescent light bulb advertising and purchases we may be seeing the first highly obvious and nationally visible step in combating global warming. This not to say that recycling of household waste and industrial pollution controls are not important. But, rather it is something that people can easily do, see an immediate positve effect and know that they are helping to reduce global warming. A C.F.L. bulb vs. a standard incandescing light lasts much longer before it burns out. The ratio is about eight times longer in the cheaper C.F.L.’s and 15x in the expensive ones. The more costly bulbs will save the consumer the cost of buying new ones 15 times more often.

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Crazy is as crazy does

Over the last few weeks I have been talking to people about how to solve problems. They were  non-scientists but intelligent none the less and one general thread seemed to stand out.If the methods they were using in an attempt to solve a problem didn’t work – they tried it again and again … and you guessed it, again. Little or no thought was put into changing what they were doing. It reminded me of something I heard years ago.It was an old saying and it goes like so:‘One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

Our Changing Times: Energy – old wine in new bottles

This is the eighth and last in the series ˜Our Changing Times”. It is about how we are starting to alter our way of living in response to global climate change.Last time we talked about how farming is changing with grain crops yield reduction and potential new farming methods to make up the shortfall.In the last few years we have been hearing about ‘the energy crisis’ every day. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without it coming up as a topic of conversation. Just what is this energy we talk about and how is it made? Continue reading

Updating the site

I have added the category ‘Story Series’ to the site with a sub-category for each of the series written.I plan to do a complete site facelift sometime this month. It should look similar to

I agree with the hobo in that the fonts are too small on most sites for comfortable viewing. For me it is all about sitting back in my chair and not being hunched two feet away from the screen.My writing over the last few months has taken a turn away from its original biological focus. It now tends to look into global change – focusing on the biological and climatic changes and our responses to them.


Our Changing Times: Farming

This is the seventh in the series ˜Our Changing Times”. It is about how we are starting to alter our way of living in response to global climate change.Last time we talked about how our everyday electronics and applicances are changing – with batteries being used less and most of those are rechargeable either by hand or the sun.It has long been felt by historians that the day mankind went from hunt to farming was the day that our species started on its long journey to civilization. It’s on the back of farming that we have prospered. Allowing us to reach from one pole to the other and play golf on the moon. Continue reading