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The average man’s ways to fight global warming – part 3

This third article in a series about what the average person can do about global climate change.We all want to help but in light of the overwhelming scope of the problem most of us feel like there is little we can do to make a difference.When you see it as millions, if not billions, of people like yourself doing it together then what you are doing can have a major positive effect.But really, what can the average person do to help?In the last two articles we talked about some of the little things around the house that can be done to help. There are more of them than you think.One more thing that can be done with your hot water heater is to drain it every couple of years. By draining your water heater you avoid shorting out the heating element. This saves buying a new one and the energy it takes to make it.My parents had a 50-gallon water heater and they never drained it. When they passed away we cleaned out the basement. That heater had about a foot of sediment in the bottom of it and weighed over 200 pounds. The only reason that the heating element wasn’t shorted out was because it was 18 inches above the bottom of the tank. Most elements are only a couple of inches above the bottom. The following link will give some ideas on how to do it yourself. Be careful the water can be very hot. http://www.naturalhandyman.com/iip/infwaterheater/infdrainwh.html.Another way to save energy and produce less CO2 is by cleaning the lint trap in your clothes dryer. Most of us remove the lint after every couple of loads but who among us cleans the lint trap itself? If you use one of those softener sheets when you dry your clothes you’ll find there is a buildup on the screen, which will cause your dryer to run longer and use more energy. The next link will give you some details and how to clean it. It is easy. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/dryer.aspThe last one today is about your ceiling fans. We use them in the summer and they give our homes a nice even temperature. But, did you know that the direction they rotate should change with the seasons? In the summer they should rotate so the air is forced downward. In the winter it is the opposite and the air should go upward. http://www.bobvila.com/HowTo_Library/Ceiling_Fan_Rotation–T941.htmlIf you follow this simple procedure you can save up to 40% on your summer cooling costs about 15% on your winter heating bills.These ideas will help put another dent in your power bill and put less CO2 in the air.If you have something practical to share that you’ve been doing to deal with global warming and high-energy costs please send it to the email address below. The earth will thank you.Next time more how to do it ideas for the rest of us.

Think Global – Act Local!


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