Roundup for the year 2007

We’re another year older. Whether we count the days ahead or look behind and add up those that have passed, we all marked the passage of time.

This year we are two for two– two years in a row without a hurricane forcing us off the coast, out of the county or into another state. We can only hope that this trend continues in 2008.

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The average man’s ways to fight global warming – part 6

Co-ops fight global warming and save us money.This sixth and last article in a series about what the average person can do about global climate change.Our desire to help is sometimes all but overwhelmed in light of the huge scope of this problem. Most of us feel like there is little we can do to make a difference. But, when you see it as millions, if not billions, of people like us working together then what you are doing can have a major positive effect.Really, what can the average person do to help? Continue reading