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New ways of doing old things

This is the start of a series called ˜New ways of doing old things”.We all have heard the old saying ˜We’ve always done it that way”.Many times there is a good reason for doing it the way it has always been done – it works. As Bob Dylan said ˜The times they are a changing” and how we do things is going to change with it.With global warming and its all its concomitant effects, some of us are starting to think in ways that are new to us. These ways include environmental, financial, real estate and personal just to name a few.In the environmental arena some people are looking at where they choose to live not based so much on where they want to live but rather on what the climate may be like in ten years.For example, a continuing annual drought for the southeast is predicted with periods of intense rainfall over the next decade. This rainfall may be associated with hurricanes of increasing intensity.Over the same time period the northeastern and mid-western states are predicted to see more temperature extremes than historic data would indicate e.g. hotter summers and colder winters.The southwestern states, including southern California, will continue to face drought conditions in this time period. This drought will allow for more intense brushfires, mudslides and flooding.Northwest states will experience larger coastal storms and more interior flooding than normal. This increase in moisture will result in a larger snow pack and greater flooding in the spring.Our culture requires large amounts of fresh potable water for it to survive. Freshwater availability for farming, industrial and residential use will become critical with shortages resulting in rationing, recycling and proposed construction of desalination plants along the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf coasts.The Pacific coast states already have three plants under construction with seven more on the drawing board. The construction and operation of these plants will increase the cost of water.Just how much do you want to pay to fill your swimming pool? That is, if you are allowed to by your local government.All over the planet coastal regions are beginning to feel the effects of rising sea levels.In the United States 30% of the population lives within the scope of sea rise, if it continues as predicted.If you live in a coastal area you might ask yourself how soon will your property become oceanfront?

Think Global – Act Local!


One thought on “New ways of doing old things

  1. This is no joking matter, but I can not help myself for this next comment.I have always lived near the Coast & thought it would be nice to have an oceanfront home. It could come to be reality.It does seem possible if the global warming trend keeps up its pace & we fail to do enough to slow it down.We then will have the beach water coming to us instead of us going to the beach for a swim.

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