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Lawyers, Guns and Money will be needed

This is the second article in the series ‘New ways of doing old things’.We all have heard the old saying “We’ve always done it that way”. Many times there is a good reason for doing the way it has always been done – it works. But, as Bob Dylan said ˜The times they are a changing” and how we do things is going to change with it.With global warming and its all its concomitant effects, some of us are starting to think in ways new to us. These ways include environmental, financial, real estate and personal just to name a few.In the last column we talked about where people might choose to live in an era of global warming. Since we’re a capitalistic society it is only logical to talk about where people and governments might put their money.If the projected droughts in the southeast and southwest continue, governments will start making provisions for allocating the available freshwater. States, cities, homes, industry, farming and the military will be among the sectors fighting over the water.Methods of supplying more freshwater will be addressed. One method will be the construction of desalination plants along the three coasts.These plants may be government funded and run or they may get their money from local state governments and with private sector operation. However it is done, it will take a large injection of capital. Capital not only to build them but, to get the water to where it is needed.California is building three desalination plants right now with seven more on the drawing board.Conservation of freshwater will become a focal point for investment as everyone tries to save water. Grey-water systems will become a common retrofit to existing homes.A grey-water system reuses water that we usually put back into the reprocessing system. This includes dishwater and drain water off the roof, water from washing our clothes and our cars.Companies will be formed that specialize grey-water system retrofits and government agencies assigned to oversee it.We have been hearing a lot lately about an idea to turn the southwest into a large solar farm. The concept includes a vast distributed array of solar cells with their required support, maintenance and distribution facilities.If under taken, the cost is a projected 420 billion dollars. By 2050 this project would supply 69% of the United States electricity. Thousands of jobs would be created to supply the equipment and for the construction. Electric cars would become the norm. Go to the following link to get all the details.http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-mon_notebook_0114jan14,0,2143306.storyWarren Zevon once penned a song called ˜Lawyers, Guns and Money”. We are going to need all of them, hopefully not the guns, to get us out of this , our addiction to oil.

Think Global – Act Local!


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