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When is enough, enough?

This is the third article in the series called ˜New ways of doing old things”.

We all have heard the old saying ˜We’ve always done it that way”. Many times there is a good reason for doing the way it has always been done – it works. But, as Bob Dylan said ˜The times they are a changing” and how we do things is going to change with it.With global warming and all its concomitant effects, some of us are starting to think in ways that are new to us. These ways include environmental, financial, real estate and personal.In the time we talked about where people might choose to put their money in an era of global warming. We also must learn to make other more personal choices.When some of us think about personal choices it’s usually about where to take our vacation, what TV to buy or how big an engine to get in our new car.With global warming and trouble with oil producing nations pushing up the already high cost of energy in all its forms and with the need to maximize our conservations of it we will be starting to thinking about our choices in very different ways. Where we live, saving energy and what we buy are only a few of them.In the process of making these choices our way of thinking about the earth and our interaction with it will change as well.In the 1950’s I can still remember my father feeling a little bad about driving a ten-year-old car with a rust spot or two on it, when the neighbors were all getting a new vehicle every three years.For many people our fondness for always going for the latest and greatest new thing, whether it is cars, clothes or electronics, will be receiving a hard look. This will not only be done by individuals and families but by society at large.Our focus will shift from how much stuff do we have to how long can we keep it working before it needs to be replaced. Statements like ˜Wow, they made their car last 15 years!” might become the something to shoot for.It won’t matter where you sit in the spectrum of the haves or have-nots because this way of thinking will have become an expected societal norm.Just like our children know so much more about computers than we do, they will be our alarm clock if we start to go in the old direction of – excessive consumption – you know – like a TV in every room.We might even hear things from our children like, ˜Turn off that light Daddy, you’re hurting the Earth.”

Think Global – Act Local!


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