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Teach your children well

This is the fourth article in the series called ˜New ways of doing old things”.We all have heard the old saying ˜We’ve always done it that way”. Many times there is a good reason for doing the way it has always been done – it works. But, as Bob Dylan said ˜The times they are a changing” and how we do things is going to change with it.With global warming and all its concomitant effects, some of us are starting to think in ways that are new to us.In the last column we talked about less being the new more, when people might choose not to put their money into the latest thing – whatever that might be.

In a new era where we don’t judge ourselves and aren’t judged based on how much we have, we might start looking at how we live and what we do with our lives as a benchmark for success.

In the late 70’s I worked for Fairchild Semiconductor in Silicon Valley and companies were pirating workers from other firms as fast as they could. Companies gave eight to 15% raises every three to four months just to try and hold onto employees.There was only one future, electronics, with a Beamer in your garage and cashing in your stock options and retiring at 50 was everyone’s goal. Little or no thought was given to the impact of the work on the environment.For many students starting college and graduating over the next 20 years how their careers impact the world will be a very real and serious choice for them.As an example, an engineer just graduating from college will have choices to make. Will he go into the design and production of consumer products or choose some area that will help people to make less of an impact on the earth?These students and graduates are the future and what careers they choose to pursue will have more of an impact on the planet than the choices most of us made many years ago.Most of us didn’t really know that some of the choices we made were doing harm to the environment – they will know the difference.Whether they choose wisely or poorly depends on the futures we have shown them as they were growing up.What are you teaching your children today?

Think Global – Act Local!


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