Truth can be stranger than fiction

Biology , life, you just got to love it! Mother nature has given us some incredible sights including salmon migrating upstream, coral reefs and geese flying south for the winter. But, there are some really bizarre things going on out in the world around us. Continue reading


How sharks make little sharks

Sharks have three modes of reproduction and in all three provide no form of parental care. Generally, sharks bear live young however there are some sharks lay eggs. Viviparity, live birth, is the most advanced form. The female provides nourishment for the embryos as they develop inside of her. The nourishment can be delivered as a secretion called uterine milk or through a placenta. Hammerheads are a good example. At birth the young look like miniatures of the adults, sometimes up to two or three feet long and weighing a maximum of 40 pounds. Continue reading