Conservation of the lawn

We all hear about the need for conservation of our natural resources all the time. Most of us on the Gulf Coast think of fishing regulations and recycling as conservation measures but there are other ways to help but they are just not as obvious. A green and perfectly trimmed lawn is one of the things most of us associate with home ownership. Continue reading


Nature’s gas tank and how it works

Most of us think of energy as electricity from a plug or gasoline from our favorite station. These forms of energy run our tools, toys and keep our homes at a temperature that we like. For fish and all other living things energy takes the form of food or direct conversion of sunlight. These forms of energy come from only one place, directly or indirectly, and that is the sun. The oil and coal we use to make electricity and gasoline comes from plants that used the sun to grow and fermented for eons underground – kind of like an energy bank. We have been withdrawing from that energy bank pretty heavily for the last 100 years and it will be empty in another 50 years. Continue reading