Farming the sea will soon be important

In our distant past mankind looked to farming, any type of farming, as a way to help him get past those times when there wasn’t enough of the planet’s wild resources available to meet his needs – like mammals, fish and plants. Continue reading


New creatures in your backyard’s future

We look around our environment and we see things as they are – but not as they were. Over the centuries settlers brought with them to America, intentionally and unintentionally, hundreds of species that are not native to this continent. Continue reading

Things that animals do under stress

In our modern society we tend to be put under stressful conditions. The origin of that stress can come from many different sources from one source at a time or several. It can be our jobs, family, the environment or many other things. These conditions can affect just one individual at a time or entire populations. In the end it really doesn’t matter because as individuals or populations we all react much in the same way to stress. A key factor in that induces stress in populations is overcrowding. Continue reading