Sometimes a disaster can be a good thing

It is that time again, hurricane season that is and most of us are thinking about how we are going to deal with the potential threat of another Ivan. In our personal lives things like accidents, fire and illness make things uncomfortable if not down right dangerous. Out in nature it is much the same only what we see as a disaster is in reality just a part of the natural cycle of life. Continue reading


The march of the deserts: Then and now

Global warming is causing a variety of changes in our planet and one of them is desertification. Only a very small minority of scientists now doubts the reality of global warming. The argument is whether human produced greenhouse gases or natural long-term climatic cycles are responsible for it. As with most everything in nature there is usually more than one cause. The cause of global warming is something that is without a doubt of concern but on such a vast scale as global warning we sometimes have a hard time rapping our minds around the concept. Continue reading