Differences mean survival ??? think about it!

When we look at the animals in the world around us, its hard see that the ways animals use to survive has any bearing on the humans. We think of how we adapt to a changing world as an intellectual process. If something changes we reason out a method of dealing with it – if it gets cold we find a way to generate heat, if there’s a hurricane or drought we move somewhere else. Continue reading


Making a count of nature

A global sampling project of the oceans of the world began on September 11, 2003. It’s scheduled to last for ten years and cost over one billion dollars. The majority of the funding for this project is coming from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and several coastal countries. These countries include the United States, Japan, Russia and England. Continue reading

Animals know before we do

Animals always seem to be more in touch with their environment than humans. As an example dogs and horses always seem to know a few minutes or days before we do that an earthquake is about to occur. With the increase in the global temperature and associated climate altering implications, it only follows that animals would be the first be aware and start to acclimate to this new paradigm of their existence. It turns out that they have been responding to these changes for years and we were just not paying attention. Continue reading