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Don???t sign anything away to BP

Lawyers are flocking into the Gulf Coast like buzzards to a wounded animal. Be careful what you sign they could be BP people in disguise and you will have signed away your right to sue them for a few quick dollars.There is a meeting tomorrow at the Gulf Shores Erie Meyer Civic Center at 10AM. Representatives from the governor’s executive staff, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Alabama Department of Public Health, BP and Lee Sentell, Alabama Tourism Director, will brief businesses on cleanup efforts as well as discuss the process for submitting damage claims.If possible business owners, real estate rental agencies and individuals should bring a brief summary of what they calculate are their current losses due to the spill.Officials with the AGCACC have also released phone numbers for more information about help with cleanup efforts on the coast.·    To volunteer with the beach cleanup, call 251-431-6409 or 1-888-421-1266.·    For information about working the cleanup, contact Don Fisher, Associate Director, Field Services, Governor’s Office of Workforce Development, at 334-293-4711.I am also on www.facebook.com with other locals who are involved.

Think Global – Act Local!


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