The spinning top of change

With all the environmental changes going on these last few years it may seem difficult to make any sense out of it. As a scientist climate change either caused or exacerbated by global warming is the obvious culprit. That being said, what people and governments really want and need to know is where is it going and how fast?

The end of the beginning

I don’t know if you had a mother like mine. In times of trouble she was one for soothing phrases that were meant to make you feel better and give you hope. Hope for the future and hope that everything would turn out alright.

One of those phrases that comes to mind at this moment is ‘I know you can’t see it right now but this is probably the best thing that could have happened’.

Let me fill you in on what’s been taking place. The local newspaper group that I’ve been writing for the past eleven years decided to drop my column.  My guess that they would rather have someone who tells people what they want to hear and writes for free than a scientist who tells people what they need know and is payed. Since I’ve been trying to sell my place for sometime now, not having to think up something new to write about every week is kind of a bitter-sweet relief.

Two weeks after this I slipped down the stairs in my townhome and broke my leg. This puts a hold on the house sale until sometime after Christmas and no I hadn’t been drinking. I kind of wish I had some excuse other than my own clumsiness. I’ll get a ranch style the next time.

How might my mother’s phrase apply to all this … all in all I can’t as yet see what good these events will serve in my future but I’m looking forward to figuring it out as I learn to walk again.

I intend to keep up with this blog once I literally get back on my feet.

Tough regulations work

Over the last three or more decades in an effort to conserve the fisheries of Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico regulations have been put in place that restricted the catch of many species. Even after these restrictions were put in place the prognosis for their full recovery was not as bright as some may have wanted.
Since the Gulf of Mexico is only one part of a much larger planetary resource if might be helpful to look at the big picture to put ourselves in context.

Stingers can come in purple and mauve

In the biological world not being seen is most species preferred mode of life. The lower down the evolutionary scale a species is the less this seems to matter.
Pelagia noctiluca a jellyfish found primarily in Bermuda and warm temperate waters is now on the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. This species is also called the purple striped jelly and the mauve stinger.

Rush for land under the ice

Living here on the coast we’re all familiar with the saying ‘They aren’t make any more waterfront property’. While all the waterfront property around here is pretty much taken there’s a new type of ‘waterfront property’ that has the power brokers of the world lining up for the game of the millennium.

Rainfall Update

For all you party types on the island we’ve gone from down 16” of rainfall for the year to 20” and counting. How long will it be before the cost of water goes up and there are usage restrictions?

Have you noticed that there are very few mosquitoes? Is that pool water cool enough for you?
Rock on Dudes!