Labels on seafood ??? What do they mean?

This article is in response to emails from readers of the column on the shrimp fishery. In human’s the majority of our sensory input comes from our stereo vision. So, we tend to believe that what we see is the truth. If you’ve ever looked at one of Esher’s paintings you’ll know that this isn’t always true. It’s the way our brain interprets the data from our eyes that causes the problem. Esher intentionally used how we interpret information in his paintings.

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The shrimping industry ??? After BP

When an ecosystem, species or individual is faced with changes to its environment it adapts or faces extinction. Societies, governments and industries do the same thing. As events over the last 50 years will attest things have changed on the Gulf Coast. Our population especially in the coastal areas has increased greatly. Baldwin County’s population has increased from 49,088 in 1960 to 98,280 in 1990 and 179,878 in 2010 with Mobile County’s going from 314,301 to 378,643 and to 411,721 over the same time period. Continue reading