Regret Not the Gloaming

As we go from four to two to three.
     Thoughts of another time turn us.

Looking back and wondering, why and if?
     Seeing what might have been with mind’s eye.

There is only now and tomorrow.
     Past lessons and mistakes both guide and doom.

Why, maybe, if and perhaps.
     Cloud our thoughts and slow our steps.

The promise looks at what was.
     Asking only – if then was now?

Dr. Henry G. “Skip” Lazauski
Gulf Shores, Alabama
January 23, 2012

Up date with progress

Well, I’m back on my feet from the broken leg and getting ready to start down the long road to getting in shape.
Renewed my membership at the local gym which is where I’ll start with knee, ankle and lower leg exercises. Sifting into some bicycling later in the week.
I know, start out easy and assess at every increase in weight, reps or distance and I will do that. I don’t know if you know it but this getting old(er) thing 😉 is really a pain in the a#*, especially when you’re trying to comeback from an injury. At least I can be thankful that at 60 I have all my hair and then some. It’s a moral boost – for me anyway.