In Eugene Oregon

Well, I made it, 3,156 miles later. The trip was without any problems. I’m having to learn a new driving style because of all the bikes and walkers here in Eugene.  Most people drive at or below the speed limit but there are the usual ‘get out of my way’ types. The weather has been showery for the last two days in the morning but it breaks off to sunny in the afternoon.

The apartment is coming together – looking for some furniture tomorrow and today.

People here eco-conscience and willing to tell you how to do things whether you want the advise or not. Most them are young enough to be my grand-daughter, if I had one.

Mold prevention is for most on people’s mind as I did not find an any apartments that had heat pump heating and cooling. the internet is faster and cheaper that Gulf Shores with the electricity about the same.

I’m working on a couple of articles but it will be a few days before they’re ready.  Bear with me and soon I’ll stop writing about what I’m up and get back to the Earth.




Half way to the Emerald City

I left Gulf Shores, AL on the morning of 9 May on my way to Eugene, OR. After a night each in Houston, TX and Oklahoma City, OK I’ve landed in Albuquerque, NM. It is very dry and windy – imagine that?! The feeling of space is great after the eternal closeness of coastal Alabama.

The locals say it is getting dryer and dryer and mentioned that several businesses which were considering moving here have made other plans because of water concerns.

I should in Eugene, OR on the 15th of this month. Looking forward to being there on multiple levels.




Memories and Margs

When we leave a place we’ve called home for many years we  leave a part of ourselves behind. I’m take with me the warm memories of friends and loves to keep me warm and safe on the trip to Oregon and in my new place. Know that there will always be a room in my house and my heart for my friends and loves.

Gandalf’s quest for Galadriel continues. Will she/I find each other? Have we already met?