Getting drier up here


A month in ‘Ecotopia’ and loving it! When the weather forecast says 90% chance for rain it doesn’t mean all day rain. There is a brief shower, sometime in the morning, and then the sun comes out for the rest of the day. Thinking about attending a ‘Meetup’ group of writers here in Eugene. From the brief bios that I’ve read it seems to be primarily composed of – wanna bes, older women who want to leave something for their grandchildren and one well published business writer. Now, back to the planet.




I’ve been talking briefly with the locals who have lived here for more than ten years and they say that it doesn’t rain as much as it used to for this time of year and it’s getting warmer. I’ll need to speak with some people at the university (U of O) to confirm this. From looking at decadal shifts in global and ocean temperatures plus wind patterns, this follows. Changes in global and regional terrestrial and oceanic plant and animal distributions also support this perception.

‘Think Global – Act Local’