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Cold weather and Global warming?

Now that North America has gone through its first very nasty winter in a few decade people have been asking me; ‘Why is it so cold?’ and ‘What up with global warming?’.

Well, it’s all part of the same thing – climate change.As sea ice in the arctic melts due to global warming the warmer ocean water heats up the cooler atmosphere above it. This in turn causes the jet stream to slow down. When the jet stream slows down it becomes unstable and starts to meander from its historic pattern. When and if the jet stream forms a new pattern is unclear, But, there will continue to be shifts in the jet stream bringing colder winter weather than in the past and this weather will last longer.

Significant impacts on crop and live stock production can be expected as the majority of these take place in the mid-latitudes of our planet where the cold weather is having its effects. Follow the link below to find out more.


Think Global – Act Local!


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