Microscope for a dollar!

I’ve always been interested in gadgets that are useful, inexpensive and have many applications. I came across this microscope made out of paper that is one of these. It can be used by professionals, the untrained and students. The microscope costs less than a dollar to make and can be used in classrooms, laboratories and field hospitals. There is also a projector model which can be viewed on any surface at a cost of a few pennies more.
I can see immediate applications of this in field biology, elementary education and nursing. Oh, it’s rugged too.

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Think Global – Act Local!



Memorial to Pete Seeger

Some of you may remember a folk singer, writer, activist and poet named Peter Seeger. The words that he put to music had something to say. He helped to make the careers of several well known musical artists and influenced generations of environmentalists and political activists.

A man of simple needs and far reaching ideas and ideals, Pete Seeger made a difference in the way I looked and now look at the world. His words were one of the reasons I stayed in Marine Biology and didn’t go back into a much more lucrative career in electronics.

He passed away on January 27, 2014 at the age of 94. Pete was out chopping wood ten days before he died.

The world was a better place with him and a lesser place now that he is gone. You really did have a hammer. Thanks, Pete!



Your Dam is Cracked!

Humans like to think that everything and everyone around us is going to stay just about the same as we go through life. We like stability. Here in the Northwest the dams on the Columbia River fall into that category. Well, that just isn’t so.


A 65 foot two-inch crack on a spillway of Wannapum Dam on the Columbia River has been discovered. Emergency meetings are underway. If you’d like to read more follow the link below.


Think Global – Act Local!