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Equal opportunity vs. Unequal ability

After decades of working with college students of several generations from all parts of the US, it seems there’s a degree of confusion about what constitutes the meaning of equality.

As a few examples, equality means that all people have an equal chance to go to college, be employed and receive government services. Looking at individual’s intelligence, talent and skill levels people aren’t equal. If you disagree then you’re living in a dream world where someone with an IQ of 95 could successfully complete medical school.
There are ‘ recruitment windows ’ that all of us must qualify to pass through and then on to the next window and the next in every profession or trade. These windows may be as simple as being able to write your name correctly on an application form or as complex as passing the Mensa entrance exam.

Intellect and ability are forms of currency. Individuals must have enough of those currencies to pass through the recruitment windows in order to gain entrance into the area of their choosing. Without enough, they must look elsewhere.


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